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As many other cultures, also Maori are known for their tattooing skills. Maori are especially known for their "moko" or their full face tattoos. Their full face tattoos wasn't just for fun, no, their tattoos told their whole life story. But the tattoos were manly for males, and not females. But also women could have tattoos, but their tattoos were manly common around the chin and the upper lip area.

And this is how the Maori tattooed their faces:

The Maori have tattooed their faces for ages; it is really an old tradition. But during the time when the British came to New Zealand and the they colonized the land and tried to make the Maori Christian, the tattooing inherit was almost lost.

And to day it isn't usual that that the Maori tattoos their faces in the old way. But during festivals and ceremonies they paint on the old pattern, which they used before, to their faces. It isn't unusual that now a days young people are tattooing their faces as the Maori once did, also the British New Zealanders that don't really have Maori ancestors are also getting old Maori tattoos.