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In the Maori religion there are atua, or spirits. These spirits had to be protected against all evil magic. Trees, birds, houses, fishes, everything had their own spirit. But of all the spirits they were most of all very connected to the spirits of their forefathers, which gave power to black magic and supported costumes and Maori laws. But there is one spirit that surpasses them all, and that is Io-Matua-Kore, God-the-parentless.

The Maori people also speak of the three baskets of knowledge, which comes from Io.

Tane, which is Rangi and Papas oldest son. Tane was the one who received the three baskets of knowledge from Io. Tane is also the creature of mankind.
The three baskets of knowledge contains three texts which are:

Te Kete Tuauri
Te Kete Tuatea
Te Kete Aronui

These three baskets are the knowledge and understanding of what we perceive through sense. They also contain the history about how Tane got the three baskets from Io. Because that wasn't easy, he had to go through a long journey.