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Since the Internet and the Norwegian libraries isn't exactly flooded with information on what kind of music the Maori used to play/listen to, the only written text on this page is about the half-maori opera singer Kiri Te Kanawa. But you can listen to Maori songs by clicking on the links below (Some of the songs requires Real Player).

Pokehare -a Maori love song

Nga Iwi E

Ka Huri Au

Kia Rite

E Ipo

E Papa


A portrait of Kiri Te Kanawa

Kiri Te Kanawa was born in Gisborne, New Zealand, in 1944. The fact that her mother was Irish and her father was Maori makes her a half Maori.

She is a world wide known and respected celebrity. She is a very famous and talented opera singer. As well as being an opera singer, she has also tackled Hollywood musicals, Broadway musicals, folk songs and pop ballads. This is something past greats have never done, this just adds to the talent that is Kiri. With all this publicity she has made the world aware of New Zealand, and the Maori people.

Classical Maori songs sang by Kiri Te Kanawa

Hine E Hine

The Locust

Moe Mai E Hine

Hoea Ra