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The Maori art is a classic pacific tribal art. Their art styles, objects and material is very various. Their art is everything from woodcarving to dance and music. But they are specially a "wood carving" culture.

The Maori culture is divided into four different cultural times, which is:
archaic, classic, historic and modern.

Maori carvings on sculptureThe archaic were the early Maori settlers who came to New Zealand. The art work included carving and bone and stone work. This art time surpasses all the other art in the later centuries, because it is very plain.

When the life in New Zealand became more settled for the Maori, they developed the ability to take advantage of what the forest and the ocean could give them. And this brought changes to their art and culture.

Various weapons were made out of bones and wood and stone. And the war canoes became the pride oh their tribe. This time is known as the classic art time.

Under the historic period of Maori art, their art went through some great changes. The historic time was also when the British settlers came to New Zealand. The British tried to make the Maori a Christian people. A lot of the old Maori wooden work was lost. Their beautifully wooden carved houses were replaced with the much simpler western storehouses. A lot of their culture changed and some were almost lost too.

But in the late 20th century there was a lot of interest in the old Maori culture. The Maori culture is flourishing. This art period is called modern art period. And to day the Maori culture is popular.